Levinson Chap 1 Liveblog: #en3177

Originally I was going to do this on Twitter, and make this an actual liveblog of me reading New New Media. But since half my followers are porn site spambots, I figured I’d direct my genius to a more responsive audience. So here we are, live by tape, coming to you straight from Kevin Kimlinger Wants to Be Internet Funny Studios: It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time for me to liveblog Chapter 1 Why “New New” Media.

Pg. 1: New New Media sounds stupid. It’s hard for me to take you serious when you name things like somebody in elementary school.

Pg. 2: “An unclear writer will not make a very good blogger.” As evidenced by my anemic page views. Ooh, self-burn!

Pg. 5: Haha, MySpace reference. Get with the times man.

Pg. 5: “The use of “new new” is not without precedent”—well, yeah, but neither was the Holocaust and that doesn’t mean we should do it again.

So where do I pick up my metal? for invoking Godwin’s Law?

Pg. 7: Levinson touches upon the difference between Facebook and Twitter here, but the real difference is that right at this moment—9:32pm, Tuesday January 17—Tampons in Paris is a thing on Twitter, and not just the name of a failed type of ultra-specific pornos. That doesn’t happen on Facebook.

Pg. 8: Instead of citing actual advances in cellphones, Levinson uses examples from James Bond. He knows that James Bond has an invisible car and a watch that shoots lasers, right?

Pg. 11:Levinson discussing how to format the chapters in his book–fascinating.

Pg. 14: Oh god, there’s a whole chapter on MySpace. I feel like I’m 14 again, fervently searching for the mute button on my computer.

Pg. 15: “The Dark Side of New New Media.”—if you read this at just the right time, it synchs up with the Wizard of Oz.

Pg. 15: President Bartlett just laid the smack down on that Dr. Laura stand-in.  Oh wait, that’s actually the West Wing rerun I’m watching, sorry.

Pg. 16: “I certainly hope this book generates discussion on…blogs.”—How meta.

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