“Pear Shaped” Bi-Stable Image (#en4709)

bad. This is really
bad. This is what we
in the biz like to call a
bit of a wee kerfuffle.
A sticky situation if you will.
One of those time where you
just want to run around screaming
“We’re all going to die, we’re all going
to die!” And I know this because a bunch
of people are running around screaming,
“We’re all going to die; we’re all going to die!”
So hurray for context clues I guess, but there’s
little comfort there because, you know, we’re
all going to die. Shit just got real bros. Things
have really gotten out of hand. We did not
plan for this to happen. It just came up
and bit us right in the ass and not
in the nice fleshy part.

(I swear I forgot about the two examples from Chapter 4 of Lanham when I came up with this, I just happen to be reading one of my short stories where I used the term “Pear shaped” when I was thinking about this project and the idea just wouldn’t leave.)


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